If there is a specific SEO strategy for local agencies, there is also a strategy for businesses that are targeting international customers. Many SEO companies offer international services, but we’ll give you a few tips on how you can do it yourself.

International SEO strategy is an internet marketing strategy involving cost-effective and scalable techniques to reach foreign target market such as global audiences as well as boosts website’s online presence. Essentially, it performs SEO activities in an approach to generate visibility for your web access in search engine abroad or search engine in other countries.

If you are looking to expand from local operation to global function, then you might want to consider this strategy to extend your reach, drive great amount of traffic from different countries and significantly improve sales.

International SEO Strategy requireWho Requires International SEO Strategy?

Any businesses regardless of the size can carry out international search engine optimization if they are targeting worldwide customers. Furthermore, this option also applies to agencies with worldwide customers and operating in different countries.

When we think of international search engine optimization, we instantly visualize companies with office locations from all over the world. It can be likewise essential to startups that promote globally from a single location. To keep up on this process and have your website be ranked internationally, you must effectively convince the search engines to include your page, which is, however, not something that can be done overnight.

Distinguish-International-SEO-PotentialHow To Distinguish Your International SEO Potential?

In the first place, how do you know if you really have an international SEO potential? The reality is that, international SEO should be part of your overall SEO process at the end of the day. Your potential can be determined by checking your website’s current traffic from other countries, checking your organic visibility from other countries and identifying your local search volume for keywords in each country. All these can be done through utilizing SEO tools like Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and keyword tools.

International SEO Best Practices

It is important to remember, whether you are a marketer, webmaster or entrepreneur, that every search engine implements individual rules and ranking factors. Be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex, if you want to be listed in any of these search engines, you have to ensure the right region settings for your site as well as execute international SEO best practices. What are these practices? Read on. To get and Specialist service about International SEO visit Francisco Leon Toronto Seo Expert.

Decide On Your Domain Strategy

First things first. Your initial step would be to decide what domain strategy you actually want to go for. There would be domain strategy to decide to go for top level domains. It’s important that you’re hosting your content on an appropriate top level domain so if you are targeting a particular country as part of your international SEO outreach, you’d want that concentrate with a top level domain like .com, .net, etc because search engine is typically like to return results from countries that corresponding to that top level domain. On the other side, you could set up your own domain for each country or think about hosting your content in its corresponding country.

Domain selection varies depending on the company requirements. Some companies have some kind of affiliate systems where the brand is still owned the website and all the stuff and then give it to an affiliate or partner. In that case, it would be vital for a company to have their own domain that they can monitor and control. In SEO, top level domains are highly considered as one can easily organize sub folders to setup in Google search console and tell that every content in the folder is targeting a specific country and of course, the language for that specific country is located inside that folder.

Translate Your Content

Another step in establishing your strategy is to translate your content. You want to make sure that you are appropriately translating your content so that it fits well with the best international SEO practices of other country and the languages spoken by other people. Make sure that your content is fresh, original and written by a native speaker. Consider having accurate syntax, correct spelling and grammar and excellent cultural expressions.

Perform Keyword Research

KW Research

Perform keyword research just like keywords as part of any other SEO campaign. You can conduct keyword research by the international search engine to see which translated words or phrases generate a strong search volume.

Culture Comes Into Play

Culture is really important. Direct translation is not always reliable because sometimes direct translations get you in trouble too. Certain things doesn’t just take translation, it takes people that are local, people that understand the nuances, people that understand the language, those are really important to watch for.

Track Your Website Progress


Make sure that you are tracking things up. So when you’re in a Google analytics platform or any other tracking tools, you do have different segments of the website you are tracking separately from your main page to gauge the performance of this different international translated content web assets.

International SEO Things To Avoid

Be careful of not making the mistake of identifying a translation with a proper localization. Some common mistake we typically experience is the auto-translation of content. There are a lot of tools out there that just translate all of your content or your text that doesn’t always conform to how the content should appear and search engine can actually detect that. Avoid putting a little flag on your site and leave it to Google to translate the entire content. It’s been auto-generated and auto-translated, that’s something you definitely want to stay away from. Another thing, make sure that the URLs that you are hosting the translated content under are not the same URLs that your English version is. So basically, each translated version of the web pages has at least unique URL. It’s also important to have your own domain or the country’s specific domain.

Every country and every place have their own opportunities to engage with people. Devices are also a matter of a very local flavor which adds value to your strategy. In each country, people have an average of three mobile phones. So everybody is always on a mobile or tablet from home to work, vice versa. More and more people are now constantly wired, and that’s something is also very important to keep in mind when strategizing your international SEO. Remember, Google is very personal and when you see Google’s geographic distributions in analytics for a site, you really see how it has changed and that’s the direct result of personalization. Further, all the usual SEO rules still apply.