If you are a business minded individual who thinks big for your company, then international SEO is the strategy you have to learn and implement, too.

In the business world, optimism is imperative. Your objective should be to operate worldwide and cross cultures and countries’ barriers. When operating an e-commerce site, it is always an aim to expand to other countries and reach as many customers as you can.

Think international SEO is the way to go for your existing online business? Do you believe it is what you need to make a name for your brand in different parts of the globe?

Take the following questions as your guide:

  • Do you have customers who speak other languages apart from English?
  • Do you want to have a wider customer base that goes to different countries other than where you live?
  • Do you imagine your business operating from different parts of the world?

International SEO is not entirely new. It has been around for quite a while already, allowing businesses to reach to more people who are potential customers. This is the type of SEO marketing strategy suitable for enterprise e-commerce platforms, as well as other online businesses offering international services.

How is international SEO defined?


It is defined as the process of optimizing your website with content and keywords that are relevant to anywhere in the world.

It involves intensive research and study, since it is not very simple to know which keywords are good enough for international use. It also requires a great amount of focus, since this time you not only have to reach out to your location, but also to other places which might even be miles away from where you actually are. 

How exactly can we get started with international SEO? 

  • It all starts with a good, detailed plan. It is very important to have a concrete plan with the smallest details of where you want your business to be. Do you want it to just be popular and have good ranking in your continent? Or do you prefer for it to be a worldwide enterprise-reaching people from various continents?
  • Like, really, intensively research. The type of research you have to do should be one that resembles a feasibility study. A feasibility study could even be the type of research you do, indeed. Give yourself a set of guide questions that you want to be able to answer while doing the research. 

What to research on?

  1. Which companies should you select from if you will pursue international SEO for your business? Do you already have an idea which of them can really do the job? If you already have an SEO marketing professional doing local optimization for your website, do you honestly think they are also skilled for international SEO?
  2. Are any of your direct competitors using international SEO? Is it working for them?
  3. Which countries or cities are you going to target? Do you already have existing clients in these places? Are you still interested in marketing to places your business have not reached yet? 
  • Brainstorm before aiming to shoot your target. Before investing in international SEO marketing that soon, remember to know first what will make you trend in your target international territories. During the research step, you should have researched on what’s in, what’s out there. What could be your winning edge against the local businesses there, and how you can market your own business. Think hard of the options you can choose from when starting with the international SEO strategies. 
  • Get to know which keywords will help you gain organic traffic. The freshness of keywords is determined by the location. It has to be remembered that in international SEO marketing, the keywords that will be used should be widely relevant to as much locations as possible. When in local SEO we stress about being as specific as possible, going as far as including the city where we provide products or services, in international SEO, that is absolutely not the case. While we still do not recommend you to be generic with the terms and keywords, it will surely help if you still use specific keywords, but of course you have to drop the location. Research well into keywords that are safe to use internationally, and would still give you the same results you are aiming for– higher SEO ranking.
  • Be careful with duplicate content and your site’s indexability. In Google, as well as in other frequently used search engines, duplicate content is a big no-no. It is imperative for you, as the business owner, to always monitor your URLs and make sure there are no bad back links that can cause negative SEO. Likewise, duplicate content should be checked carefully to be sure you only publish unique content. Content is the soul of SEO. Whether you are utilizing local or international SEO, it should be the focus, as much as backlinks are.

In SEO marketing, it is very important that your actions are backed by intensive and reliable research. You have to know your market and study them thoroughly, as it is essential to publish content that is relevant to them. In international SEO, the relevance should be wide enough to work in a span of many countries.

It is not enough to do press releases and blog posts because you want to sell. Make it an objective of your posts to reach out to your clients and make them value your site. In SEO, the traffic you generate on your website is your defining point. Great amount of traffic and site visits means the business is doing well, and that you and your SEO professional (if you ever hired one) are doing a great job. 

Make it a point to always look for ways to improve your website and your ranking. It is already given that online presence is such a huge chunk of why an online business lasts in the industry. When you already have that momentum, do not stop there. Surely, there is so much more you can do to improve your business and gain more following. There is always something more in store for you, just keep working on it, and you will get there in your own time.