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Do New Top Level Domains Affect SEO?


You might be wondering, where and when did these now famous Top Level Domains (TLD) start existing?

They now make your website as unique as it could get, as it is now possible to use your keyword as a domain. How easy! Now it can be a strategy to have more unique content, and we know that the more unique you are, the higher your Google ranking can be, right?

Well, not exactly.

Google has kept on issuing statements that these TLDs do not have an edge as opposed to the older, more common domains we have grown accustomed to (.com, .org, .edu). They share the same criteria with all the other domains when it comes to ranking. 

What are the advantages of top level domains? 


  • You can use your keywords in your domain name. This will surely add more attention and attract more customers. Imagine when you are a pizza parlor, now you can use the domain ‘.pizza’. How cool is that? It will naturally pique more interest and eventually improve the traffic you generate. 
  • When you start gaining interest from the online community, you will probably be receiving more backlinks. People naturally look for unique, fun stuff, and a domain name that speaks for your business could be all that you need. Now, these backlinks should always be closely reviewed and monitored. We do not want your website gaining so much attention only to be attacked by negative SEO. 
  • Google keeps reiterating that there is no advantage in using these top level domains, as far as ranking is concerned. Perhaps the only set of top level domains with an inherent perk in ranking is the domain using the name of your location. This is simply because Google and other search engines will geo-target it, thinking it is the most relevant in its location. These are called ‘country code top level domains (ccTLDs). For example, when you use the domain ‘.beverlyhills’, when the people who search it are located there, your site will surely go at the first page results, because it is relevant to their location. 
  • An advantage is how Google AdWords seem to prefer top level domains, perhaps because these domains are still on their introductory stage, still trying to gain popularity and attract site visitors. Studies show that Google AdWords offer top level domains lower click prices and more impressions as well. If you are an avid user of Google AdWords, then you can go try one of these top level domains. 

How do they fare on the rankings game? 

  • When you search the internet for top level domains, there is a huge chance for you to see so many advertisements about it. There are now quite a lot of companies providing new top level domains to first timers, as well as to website owners who are interested in moving their site to a different domain. They will promise you that Google will ultimately prefer TLDs even more than the usual domains, but as we have mentioned above, they don’t. They just don’t. 
  • BUT, it does not necessarily mean that Google and other search engines despise them. There are no direct negative and positive implications of top level domain usage. Simply put, just because you use a TLD would not automatically place your website at the top of the list, and neither at the very bottom. It still depends on Google’s criteria where they derive their ranking. As we know they care about the back links you have, unique content, and great quality URLs. 
  • Generally, these new top level domains can work as much as the regular ones do, in terms of SEO ranking and marketing. They will have the same visibility, and also will perform just the same. It is only how much you will tickle your market’s interest, as well as the general online community, that will take your website apart from all the others. Certainly not your domain name. 
  • Top level domains can be deemed necessary if you are serious in concentrating your business in a specific area. If that is the case for you, you can definitely use the above mentioned country code top level domains. These are proven to be an advantage in geo-targeting, as it will be interpreted by search engines to be the most relevant in the area, whose name you will use as your domain. It gives off a strong signal to search engines, and will eventually push your ranking improvement. 
  • However, if you are aiming for a business expansion, where your objective is to reach people from all over the world, you might want to think twice about using ccTLDs. It is still safer to use a generic domain name to be able to penetrate into multiple areas using your website.

As a conclusion, there is no direct harm found in using top level domains. They will not produce negative SEO, and will unlikely destroy your business. However, it also has to be noted that there is absolutely no assurance that these domains can automatically make your ranking surge to the top.

Google has been reiterating it to make everyone aware that no matter which domain name you use, the criteria remains the same. They will still review your content, how old your website is, how many visits you get every day. They will still go through the same things they look on generic domains. It is still the same cup of tea.

If in case you already have a working website with good statistics and ranking, you might want to think twice about moving it to another domain. If your reasons for moving include ‘because it is unique’, or because you want your domain to bear an interesting name, it might not be worth it. You have to take not that your website’s age is also a criteria when search engines rank it. Its age represent the number of years it has been in the business, and of how long people have trusted it. It will make your reputation intact, and your customers will also have the comfort of knowing you’re still the same company they trust.

Whichever domain you end up choosing for your website, do not ever forget to still focus on your content. Keep aiming for great quality backlinks, and monitor your website activity.  SEO-certifications-courses

International SEO – How to Grow Your Customer Base


If you are a business minded individual who thinks big for your company, then international SEO is the strategy you have to learn and implement, too.

In the business world, optimism is imperative. Your objective should be to operate worldwide and cross cultures and countries’ barriers. When operating an e-commerce site, it is always an aim to expand to other countries and reach as many customers as you can.

Think international SEO is the way to go for your existing online business? Do you believe it is what you need to make a name for your brand in different parts of the globe?

Take the following questions as your guide:

  • Do you have customers who speak other languages apart from English?
  • Do you want to have a wider customer base that goes to different countries other than where you live?
  • Do you imagine your business operating from different parts of the world?

International SEO is not entirely new. It has been around for quite a while already, allowing businesses to reach to more people who are potential customers. This is the type of SEO marketing strategy suitable for enterprise e-commerce platforms, as well as other online businesses offering international services.

How is international SEO defined?


It is defined as the process of optimizing your website with content and keywords that are relevant to anywhere in the world.

It involves intensive research and study, since it is not very simple to know which keywords are good enough for international use. It also requires a great amount of focus, since this time you not only have to reach out to your location, but also to other places which might even be miles away from where you actually are. 

How exactly can we get started with international SEO? 

  • It all starts with a good, detailed plan. It is very important to have a concrete plan with the smallest details of where you want your business to be. Do you want it to just be popular and have good ranking in your continent? Or do you prefer for it to be a worldwide enterprise-reaching people from various continents?
  • Like, really, intensively research. The type of research you have to do should be one that resembles a feasibility study. A feasibility study could even be the type of research you do, indeed. Give yourself a set of guide questions that you want to be able to answer while doing the research. 

What to research on?

  1. Which companies should you select from if you will pursue international SEO for your business? Do you already have an idea which of them can really do the job? If you already have an SEO marketing professional doing local optimization for your website, do you honestly think they are also skilled for international SEO?
  2. Are any of your direct competitors using international SEO? Is it working for them?
  3. Which countries or cities are you going to target? Do you already have existing clients in these places? Are you still interested in marketing to places your business have not reached yet? 
  • Brainstorm before aiming to shoot your target. Before investing in international SEO marketing that soon, remember to know first what will make you trend in your target international territories. During the research step, you should have researched on what’s in, what’s out there. What could be your winning edge against the local businesses there, and how you can market your own business. Think hard of the options you can choose from when starting with the international SEO strategies. 
  • Get to know which keywords will help you gain organic traffic. The freshness of keywords is determined by the location. It has to be remembered that in international SEO marketing, the keywords that will be used should be widely relevant to as much locations as possible. When in local SEO we stress about being as specific as possible, going as far as including the city where we provide products or services, in international SEO, that is absolutely not the case. While we still do not recommend you to be generic with the terms and keywords, it will surely help if you still use specific keywords, but of course you have to drop the location. Research well into keywords that are safe to use internationally, and would still give you the same results you are aiming for– higher SEO ranking.
  • Be careful with duplicate content and your site’s indexability. In Google, as well as in other frequently used search engines, duplicate content is a big no-no. It is imperative for you, as the business owner, to always monitor your URLs and make sure there are no bad back links that can cause negative SEO. Likewise, duplicate content should be checked carefully to be sure you only publish unique content. Content is the soul of SEO. Whether you are utilizing local or international SEO, it should be the focus, as much as backlinks are.

In SEO marketing, it is very important that your actions are backed by intensive and reliable research. You have to know your market and study them thoroughly, as it is essential to publish content that is relevant to them. In international SEO, the relevance should be wide enough to work in a span of many countries.

It is not enough to do press releases and blog posts because you want to sell. Make it an objective of your posts to reach out to your clients and make them value your site. In SEO, the traffic you generate on your website is your defining point. Great amount of traffic and site visits means the business is doing well, and that you and your SEO professional (if you ever hired one) are doing a great job. 

Make it a point to always look for ways to improve your website and your ranking. It is already given that online presence is such a huge chunk of why an online business lasts in the industry. When you already have that momentum, do not stop there. Surely, there is so much more you can do to improve your business and gain more following. There is always something more in store for you, just keep working on it, and you will get there in your own time.

Top 6 Companies To Use For International SEO


SEO is an important internet marketing strategy for website owners to improve traffic and rankings of their website especially if they are targeting international markets. It has become the leading strength of online marketing industry and one that has been occasionally overlooked by a few companies.

Usually, a company focuses on specific location to advertise their brand in search engine or to a place where they live. But today, thousands of small and big businesses with branches around the globe desire to reach more customers and offer their products worldwide.

Because SEO resources, video tutorials and myriad articles are now accessible from anywhere online, many of these organizations often think that they can learn SEO easily and cheaply by themselves. But search engine optimization is a complex thing requiring deep understanding, thorough analysis and effective strategies. It is even harder for small businesses because they have to spend money on marketing to get ROI (return on investment) and it would be harder for them to keep up with algorithm changes because often they are too busy with other things. This is why using international SEO services to manage your SEO campaign is definitely a must for your business.

It may be simple as it appears, but internet marketing be it on-page or off-page, is not a simple and easy task to do. The challenges of constantly changing and refining search engine guidelines, crawling and accessibility monitoring, paying attention to duplicate content, utilizing effective tools to come up with competitive and relevant keywords, advancements in algorithmic rankings, controlling spiders and sourcing, going beyond your competitors, getting many visitors to your site, designing responsive and SEO friendly website and so much more, are certainly require huge amount of knowledge, dedication, time and extensive experience to achieve your business goals.

So, if you choose to leave your international SEO strategy to the real experts, here we’ve listed top 6 international SEO providers you can take a look and decide on at least one or two options that you think would fit your business requirements.

  1. Oban Digital –


Oban Digital is a digital marketing company based in Brighton, UK but has a US office in Durham, North Carolina. It’s an international agency offering international search that helps managing multilingual campaigns and content, localised social media management, market research and amplify global search through international PPC. The company also helps in creating localised content, cultural conversions and UX to help businesses engage with global audiences and research and insights involving researching local web assets and global market. For 13 years in the industry, Oban has employed reliable digital marketing experts with expertise in SEO, PPC, SMM and content.

  1. Boostability –

boostability logoBoostability is currently has 3 offices in Utah, US located specifically in Lehi (main), Orem and Lindon, and international offices in Berlin, Germany and AZ Netherlands. The company provides a variety of services for different types of business including small business owners, resellers and partners. Companies can get help with search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile web design, local search marketing, website content and link building campaign. Additionally, this company also offers free website analysis to help clients identify the potential of their business, competitor’s comparison as well as the current issues that require resolution.

  1. iProspect –

IPROSPECT logoThe third best international SEO company is iProspect which is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded as a search marketing firm in 1996, iProspect provides exclusive digital marketing services for various industries including the biggest names in health, sports, fashion, technology, automotive and hotel. The company takes pride of its established team with over 2,000 professional employees on 60 offices in 43 different countries. iProspect services include search engine optimization, link building, integrated search, content generation/marketing, conversion optimization, mobile marketing management, PPC and social media management.

  1. Pro Web Consulting –

proweb logoFounded and headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland with several years of background in search engine optimization and online marketing agencies in UK, Pro Web Consulting is another top leading international SEO provider that offers a full internet marketing approach for primary global markets. With its international team of 30 SEO professionals and consultants, Pro Web Consulting is able to execute an in-depth technical analysis and services in the scope of on/off page SEO, international/local SEO, mobile SEO, accurate web analytics and brand reputation management.

  1. Think Big Sites –

thinkbig logoThe top five on our list is the Think Big Sites company. Their corporate headquarters are located in Huntington, NY. Proven to be one of the best international SEO firms based on positive reviews from sitejabber, Think Big Sites is definitely worth an investment for startups and existing businesses worldwide. Their team is comprised of professional and top-notched internet marketers, web consultants, PPC specialists, SEO experts, social media marketing managers and web designers. Having a track record of placing almost all of their clients in page one in Google and other search engines, the company is undoubtedly well-prepared to assist small to medium sized organizations in developing a much broader online presence, establish more traffic and increase conversion rates.

  1. OnKeting –

onketing logoLastly, OnKeting (combination of online marketing) which is physically located in India, is a cost effective and dedicated online marketing firm providing digital marketing solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. The firm’s primary goal is to give clients a wide-ranging strategy to improve consistent returns on investment rather than focusing on marketing signals. Moreover, OnKeting offers affordable services in the field of search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, social media optimization, conversion optimization, reputation management and local search engine optimization for international or local clients.

Your online business will definitely benefit from hiring a team of international SEO experts. Unlike having a one on-site employee to handle your campaign, an SEO consulting agency has a team of highly experienced and well-organized professionals who help in executing your campaign with great ease and accuracy.

From evaluations, tips, link analysis, researching link opportunities and more, international SEO firms make your internet marketing production a lot easier and handle all the complicated and tedious tasks for you so you can focus more of your other goals. They have your back, paying utmost attention on your site, your business profiles and content, making sure everything about your website is working smoothly. Get rid of the scam overseas SEO firms that offer low quality services and choose the one you trust or a company with excellent reviews. It’s cheaper and less worrying in the long run.

Why Should You Focus On International SEO?


When you start a business, you know it is a risk on its own. It can work, sure, but it can also go downhill. It is not always an easy task to think positive when struggles come, but a business owner should always be as optimistic as he could be.

For example, you run a business online and have started gaining attention from people in your area. Do you honestly think your business can reach just that? Or would you want to believe that your business can have clients all over the world? That your brand can be promoted anywhere you want to?

If the latter statements describe you, then you can be sure that international SEO is the next thing you have to invest on to grow your business. Get to know how to get started and how you can maximize it for your company’s benefit.

What is international SEO?

international-seoInternational SEO is the process of optimizing your website to reach more people from anywhere in the world. It needs vigorous study and research before actually doing it. It is used by enterprise e-commerce sites as well as other businesses that mainly operate on the web. 

Why should you focus on it? 

  • Growing your business is most likely your objective when you started it. There are huge possibilities waiting for you when you utilize international SEO. You can gain new clients, and also generate more traffic, most especially if you religiously update your website with rich, informative content.
  • When done properly, international SEO can project a sense of sensibility to your business. Optimizing it so that search engines can determine where you want to market your businesses reflects your company’s maturity in the industry. It is like the next level of marketing, to go international. Every business has that in their bucket list.
  • International SEO is highly capable of improving your sales and revenue. When you work on your rankings outside your location, it becomes an instant improvement on your website since it can now reach more areas and attract new customers.
  • You will get to learn about how people from other countries choose where to buy and what to buy. The whole international SEO scene is such a huge learning experience on its own. You keep what you learn, and then you can apply it later on when you are ready to target another area.
  • It reflects your business’ ability to keep up with the global market. Since the birth of e-commerce, businesses have seen the internet in an entirely different light. It is now the center of commerce, and to keep up with the trends, it is a great help for your business to venture to the global scene.
  • Other countries, even those not included in your target areas, can also see your website and appreciate your content. This is why content is king in both local and international SEO marketing. If people from other areas like what you post, they will most likely come back to check updates. Their frequent visits will reflect great quality backlinks, and we all know what that means. The more quality backlinks, the better ranking in Google and other search engines.
  • Using international SEO with Multilanguage and translation option makes it easier to communicate and bridge gaps in other countries. In the e-commerce world, you are never quite sure where your next big client is located. When you utilize international SEO, it becomes a given to have clients you did not know could reach your website.
  • Being visible to more countries will of course let you earn more. You now have more chances of being a global brand, which will make your business shine brighter and be a bigger name in the industry. When people find out that your company is going international, they will naturally think bigger and better of your business.
  • It can open new opportunities for your business, now that it can reach a larger scope and more clients. International SEO enables your website to be as functional as it can get, as it will be optimized to be relevant to many other areas apart from where you are located. 

How can you get started in using international SEO? 

  • Plan accordingly. Develop your keen attention to detail, as it is the littlest details that take much part in this platform. You have to know about the best companies you can entrust your precious company to, as the pricing for this one is not a joke. It is important to do as much research as you can, and hire an SEO company that is on the same page as you are. Ask yourself these questions: 
  1. Is my company ready to use international SEO?
  2. Do I have a target country or city I want my website to be optimized on?
  3. Which SEO company shares the same values as my business? 
  • Research, research, research. Need we say more? This one should be emphasized because any SEO process, be it local or international, requires intensive study before it can get onboard. Do not worry about the time you take in researching, as the results you will arrive at will most likely predict if international SEO is needed in your company at this time.
  • Aim and shoot directly at your target. Know what inspires them, what piques their interests, what they want. You have to know these to be sure you are optimizing your website properly. The keywords you will use should also be carefully monitored, as international SEO requires keywords that are relevant wherever one is located. In local SEO, we use specific keywords to have better SEO ranking, but in international SEO, it should be specific but not limited to a certain demography. We are trying to market a website in multiple areas, we have to be as broad as we could get. Then again, generic keyword usage is still discouraged.

International SEO has made a name for itself when businesses online started sprouting everywhere. Even in the midst of such a stiff competition in the industry, there are still businesses thriving and even expanding, now operating worldwide.

Every startup business aims to be the best in its field, and wants to grow as much as they could. Take this as your cue. Learn about international SEO.