SEO is an important internet marketing strategy for website owners to improve traffic and rankings of their website especially if they are targeting international markets. It has become the leading strength of online marketing industry and one that has been occasionally overlooked by a few companies.

Usually, a company focuses on specific location to advertise their brand in search engine or to a place where they live. But today, thousands of small and big businesses with branches around the globe desire to reach more customers and offer their products worldwide.

Because SEO resources, video tutorials and myriad articles are now accessible from anywhere online, many of these organizations often think that they can learn SEO easily and cheaply by themselves. But search engine optimization is a complex thing requiring deep understanding, thorough analysis and effective strategies. It is even harder for small businesses because they have to spend money on marketing to get ROI (return on investment) and it would be harder for them to keep up with algorithm changes because often they are too busy with other things. This is why using international SEO services to manage your SEO campaign is definitely a must for your business.

It may be simple as it appears, but internet marketing be it on-page or off-page, is not a simple and easy task to do. The challenges of constantly changing and refining search engine guidelines, crawling and accessibility monitoring, paying attention to duplicate content, utilizing effective tools to come up with competitive and relevant keywords, advancements in algorithmic rankings, controlling spiders and sourcing, going beyond your competitors, getting many visitors to your site, designing responsive and SEO friendly website and so much more, are certainly require huge amount of knowledge, dedication, time and extensive experience to achieve your business goals.

So, if you choose to leave your international SEO strategy to the real experts, here we’ve listed top 6 international SEO providers you can take a look and decide on at least one or two options that you think would fit your business requirements.

  1. Oban Digital –


Oban Digital is a digital marketing company based in Brighton, UK but has a US office in Durham, North Carolina. It’s an international agency offering international search that helps managing multilingual campaigns and content, localised social media management, market research and amplify global search through international PPC. The company also helps in creating localised content, cultural conversions and UX to help businesses engage with global audiences and research and insights involving researching local web assets and global market. For 13 years in the industry, Oban has employed reliable digital marketing experts with expertise in SEO, PPC, SMM and content.

  1. Boostability –

boostability logoBoostability is currently has 3 offices in Utah, US located specifically in Lehi (main), Orem and Lindon, and international offices in Berlin, Germany and AZ Netherlands. The company provides a variety of services for different types of business including small business owners, resellers and partners. Companies can get help with search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile web design, local search marketing, website content and link building campaign. Additionally, this company also offers free website analysis to help clients identify the potential of their business, competitor’s comparison as well as the current issues that require resolution.

  1. iProspect –

IPROSPECT logoThe third best international SEO company is iProspect which is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded as a search marketing firm in 1996, iProspect provides exclusive digital marketing services for various industries including the biggest names in health, sports, fashion, technology, automotive and hotel. The company takes pride of its established team with over 2,000 professional employees on 60 offices in 43 different countries. iProspect services include search engine optimization, link building, integrated search, content generation/marketing, conversion optimization, mobile marketing management, PPC and social media management.

  1. Pro Web Consulting –

proweb logoFounded and headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland with several years of background in search engine optimization and online marketing agencies in UK, Pro Web Consulting is another top leading international SEO provider that offers a full internet marketing approach for primary global markets. With its international team of 30 SEO professionals and consultants, Pro Web Consulting is able to execute an in-depth technical analysis and services in the scope of on/off page SEO, international/local SEO, mobile SEO, accurate web analytics and brand reputation management.

  1. Think Big Sites –

thinkbig logoThe top five on our list is the Think Big Sites company. Their corporate headquarters are located in Huntington, NY. Proven to be one of the best international SEO firms based on positive reviews from sitejabber, Think Big Sites is definitely worth an investment for startups and existing businesses worldwide. Their team is comprised of professional and top-notched internet marketers, web consultants, PPC specialists, SEO experts, social media marketing managers and web designers. Having a track record of placing almost all of their clients in page one in Google and other search engines, the company is undoubtedly well-prepared to assist small to medium sized organizations in developing a much broader online presence, establish more traffic and increase conversion rates.

  1. OnKeting –

onketing logoLastly, OnKeting (combination of online marketing) which is physically located in India, is a cost effective and dedicated online marketing firm providing digital marketing solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. The firm’s primary goal is to give clients a wide-ranging strategy to improve consistent returns on investment rather than focusing on marketing signals. Moreover, OnKeting offers affordable services in the field of search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, social media optimization, conversion optimization, reputation management and local search engine optimization for international or local clients.

Your online business will definitely benefit from hiring a team of international SEO experts. Unlike having a one on-site employee to handle your campaign, an SEO consulting agency has a team of highly experienced and well-organized professionals who help in executing your campaign with great ease and accuracy.

From evaluations, tips, link analysis, researching link opportunities and more, international SEO firms make your internet marketing production a lot easier and handle all the complicated and tedious tasks for you so you can focus more of your other goals. They have your back, paying utmost attention on your site, your business profiles and content, making sure everything about your website is working smoothly. Get rid of the scam overseas SEO firms that offer low quality services and choose the one you trust or a company with excellent reviews. It’s cheaper and less worrying in the long run.